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Help for building the project

In order to build the project the following libraries are required:

The libraries for FFTW need to be placed here:


The content of these folder needs to look something like this. Note that the import-libraries (*.lib) must be present.

For clFFT the folder-structure must be

This is what is contained in the prebuilt libraries found here.

Finally, you need the DLL D3DCSX_47.DLL - which is implementing a Fourier-transformation-API with DirectCompute, see here. This file comes with the Windows SDK for Windows 8.1, and can be redistributed freely (according to here). The files have to be put here:

For your convenience, in the project's folder /Scripts some scripts are provided in order to download the required files, to create and populate the above mentioned folders. Running the script get_libraries.cmd should do the job.

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